Your First Look Inside the Flagship Museum of Ice Cream in New York City

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Before you enter the first installation, you have to come up with your ice cream name. For inspiration, check the star-studded plaques on the wall: Demi Gelato, Melon DeGeneres, Alexander McCream, Cake Gyllenhaal and more.

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The lounge

The first installation is a lounge area featuring a pretty pink bar serving vanilla milkshakes topped with whipped cream and a cherry. An energetic singer, clad head to toe in showy ice cream apparel, might invite you on stage for a frozen dessert-inspired duet.

The Daily Meal/Jacqui Wedewer

Celebration room

Are you celebrating something? If not, you are now. The super-long table in this smokey room is blanketed with faux goodies and real cake pops.

The Daily Meal/Jacqui Wedewer

Celestial Subway

Instead of taking you through smelly gray tunnels underground, this dreamy subway transports you to futuristic New York City-inspired spots like Skybeca. If only all trains were this clean.

The Daily Meal/Jacqui Wedewer

Sky room

When you get off at your subway stop, you'll enter a mirrored room with tiny red seats. Lights then project partially cloudy bright blue skies all around you.

The Daily Meal/Taylor Rock

Banana room

This installation has pink and yellow bananas hanging from the ceiling.

The Daily Meal/Taylor Rock

Sprinkle room

This little hut is easier to get into if you're a small child, but in the off chance you're not, you'll have to crawl. Inside, the walls are covered with rainbow sprinkles.

Courtesy of the Museum of Ice Cream

Bouncy house

Next door to the sprinkle room, there's another miniature installation. It's a bright pink bouncy house.

Getty Images/Cindy Ord

Stretch room

If you're wondering why the employees are stretching in this room, it's not because they're about to work out (that we know of). It's on-theme with the ice cream sample you're about to get. It's called booza and it's made with mastic (or tree sap), giving it a super cool mouthfeel.

The Daily Meal/Taylor Rock

Piano room

This room is available to all museum guests, but if you want to have a private event here you can rent it for an hour with up to 40 people for $5,000. There is piano art on the wall and cool pink turntables for you to play DJ.

The Daily Meal/Jacqui Wedewer


Walk down a kaleidoscope hall to the top of the three-story swirly slide. You can go down without or without a sack, but with will speed up the ride.

The Daily Meal/Taylor Rock

Melting cave

The bottom of the slide brings you to a forest of columns that look like they're dripping ice cream. Follow the glowing light to the back of the room for soft serve in a cone.

The Daily Meal/Taylor Rock


This bright yellow exhibit features a queen bee with an ice cream pint on her royal staff. Sit in the winged chairs or lick honey ice cream from a baby cone.

The Daily Meal/Taylor Rock


This multicolor room is full of playground essentials: a swingset, monkey bars, basketball hoops and teeter totters. There's also a bowl of pink plastic balls and rubber ice cream cones.

The Daily Meal/Jacqui Wedewer

Sprinkle pool

The sprinkle pool is the most iconic part of the Museum of Ice Cream - and this time, it's accompanied by an adults-only jacuzzi. There are nearly 100 million biodegradable rubber pieces in this room - the last installation on the tour. If you're still hankering for sweet stuff, grab a pint at the gift shop on your way out or head to the best ice cream stand in your state.

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The Daily Meal/Taylor Rock
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