Pyrex Partners With Chef Christina Tosi For Delicious New Designs

Published 11-23-2018

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Pyrex containers offer more than just a practical solution to storing holiday leftovers. The classic cookware brand's pretty patterns attract plenty of fans. Now Pyrex has introduced a new design in partnership with pastry chef and author Christina Tosi, featuring lively black-and-white line art and a kiss of personality.

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Tosi has a tasty resume: She's a pastry chef, founder and owner of 15 Milk Bar stores across North America, author of three cookbooks including October 2018's "All About Cake," and a current judge on "MasterChef Junior" and former judge of "MasterChef." Her Milk Bar is a chain of dessert and bakery restaurants, famous for such desserts as Tosi's Cereal Milk, a soft-serve dessert she invented in 2007 to mimic the flavor of milk left behind in a cereal bowl.

The dishes that bear her name feature simple black-and-white lines and circles and Tosi's own signature, "XO Tosi," written in her handwriting.

"Pyrex is one of my favorite kitchen essentials - so I was incredibly excited to collaborate with them, especially in conjunction with Milk Bar's 10th birthday," Tosi said in a press release. "I'm all about fun, rule-breaking baking. We wanted to create a collection that captured this spirit with my personal touch - and looks super cute!"

The Tosi Decorated Storage line includes four four-cup containers, all with different designs, and made of pure, non-porous glass. They're priced at $9 each, and are available only for a limited time at and Milk Bar flagship stores in Los Angeles and the Logan Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC.

Corning Glass Works released its first Pyrex products in 1915, and they've been a classic part of American cooking ever since. The line's iconic patterns are so well-known that some fans are choosing to get Pyrex-inspired tattoos. If homey kitchen traditions are your cup of tea, check out what dinner was like at home 50 years ago.

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