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If you're visiting the country's capital, there's plenty of history in government buildings and museums. If you're fed up with monuments and history, take a break from the norm and take a brewery tour of some of the city's best breweries. Choose the Cherry Blossom Tour for a coveted spring tour, while Washington Walks offers a variety of themes, including the history of Washington, D.C. and its history as a city.

As a student in DC, you have the added benefit of seeing the monuments at different times and in different ways. Some monuments are lit at night, which makes the experience so incredible, but if you visit them, you will be waiting all night for a guided tour of the monument (unless it is winter). Note: Some museums are free and open all day, which makes them easy to fit into your schedule.

A fun way to spend a Friday night is to visit Frist Fridays in DuPont, where you can visit the art gallery for free and with free admission. In DC, there is no better place to do this than Kenilworth Park, where you can find beautiful lotus flowers in summer and a number of migratory birds in winter.

Here you can hang out and watch the planes take off and land or stand opposite the Botanical Garden watching the sunsets and sunrises.

The FDR monument is a walk through the life and times of the 32nd president and there is an ice skating rink in the National Sculpture Garden. Climb inside the Washington Monument for stunning views of DC and the monuments can be reached from West Potomac Park. The monuments are located on the north side of the Capitol, just a few blocks from the White House, and can also be close to the Capitol, the Pentagon, and Washington National Cemetery.

We'll teach you the basics of this sport and share information about the history of skating in Washington, DC and its history as a sport.

For budget travelers, staying in Arlington or Alexandria while in town and taking the DC streetcar might be cheaper. From the NoMa / Union Station subway station you can walk to the Washington D.C. Convention Center or the Capitol, but don't forget to take the subway to and from the cities.

You could opt for the Westin Marriott, located across the water, to spend the next 50 minutes seeing all the major Washington landmarks hugging the Potomac.

Sights you will see on your cruise include the Washington Monument, the National Archives and the Performing Arts Center. Learn about the history of the city on daily excursions around the National Museum. While most people walk to the National Mall to see the monuments, you can take a bus tour. With DC Foot Walking Tours, you can explore a country and learn about the city's history on a daily National Mall-focused excursion with a variety of activities.

The museum is themed and exhibits too large to be housed on the National Mall, including the Washington Monument, the National Archives and the World Trade Center's Lockenhees, and the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, which houses NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Boeing's Flight Research Center. For example, there is an exhibition about World War II and its impact on America's military and national security.

Note: Some of the activities and events in this post are listed separately and are not included in the Go Washington DC Pass. Visit these great events to celebrate the queens of our district and you are welcome. While the Pride Parade is free, selected Capital Pride events require a fee that is not included in the Go DC Pass. Please note that some of these special spring events may be available separately or as part of a "Go Washington, DC" pass, but not as an identical event to the other events.

Visit the event websites for more information and consider including them as activities in your itinerary if you plan to perfect your spring vacation in Washington, DC. See what activities you can book in advance to fill your agenda with unique activities in Washington DC in April, May and June.

You will of course spend some time on the National Mall, visiting the monuments and perhaps even taking a walk through the fantastic free Smithsonian Museum. Visit the White House and make one last visit to the Newseum (permanently closed on December 31, 2019), or stroll through this fantastic and free blacksmith museum, or spend a night or two enjoying the vacation activities listed here. Visit the Congressional Gallery and visit the Capitol Hill Museum of Natural History and the Smithsonian Museum.

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