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The former top chef graduates return to the District with a menu of dishes that will make you rethink seafood. There is a bespoke - wooden-built - grill with its own unique flavour profile, and it is one of the best fish dishes in town.

Indian cuisine with small plates and big flavours, this restaurant with two locations in the district puts a modern twist. Activist restorer Andy Shallal, who opened the 14th & V, is one of the only restaurateurs in the area to expand beyond the Anacostia River. Chef Fabio Trabocchi is opening his third restaurant in the area, and it remains a must-see destination for gourmets. It opened in early 2014 and is the first of several development neighborhoods it has expanded into, but it is the only one in Washington, D.C. with a focus on the District.

American food is tucked away at the Park Hyatt in Washington, D.C., which gives the restaurant a warm, modern feel. Run by an award-winning chef and his wife, the menu ranges from seafood such as fried mussels to classic fried chicken, with creative and playful dishes presented as works of art. Maryland crab rolls served with crab - shaped chips, a goldfish - covered ceviche and more.

Founded in 1958, the casual location has a rich history and is located in the U Street corridor once known as Black Broadway, a historic and cultural landmark that includes the White House, the Capitol and the National Mall, as well as many other historic buildings. After Washington's racial segregation, upscale restaurants have become a staple of the city's dining scene and a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, but Yenching is more than just a place.

Scale controls the kitchen of the Georgetown steakhouse, which takes into account every aspect of the culinary experience, even the fish tower he presents in custom-made ceramics. Although it is now common practice to run essentially two restaurants under one roof, Ruta's was the first to have one of the most unique dining experiences in Washington in recent years. What started as a casual restaurant in the basement of an old grocery store in Washington, D.C., has become the most expensive restaurant in the area. The tavern offers a wide selection of dishes, from scrambled eggs to suckling almond sandwiches to braised beef ribs, as well as an extensive list of specialties.

Black often changes the menu, but we definitely recommend the fried clams with curry aioli, one of our favorites. The meal begins with grilled oysters with smoked herbs and butter clams before you choose from a range of grilled meats. If you're in DC, be sure to go to Korean tacos, considered one of the best tacos in Washington, D.C., and a great option for a quick lunch or dinner. The following are the following restaurants in the Washington DC area, as well as a list of some of our favorites in other parts of Washington.

The restaurant produces good, savoury food and plays a role in the vibrant DC international community, as well as producing some of the best savoury food in the area.

It's just a strip mall steakhouse, but it's a restaurant that serves as a cultural touchstone, and whose simple existence is driving up people's food power. The restaurant is part of it, "owner Tea Ivanovic told the restaurant Dive. This fast and casual downtown restaurant, located one block from the White House, opened its first day of business in the Golden Triangle business improvement district, which was only allowed to close for the first few hours of its opening day. The windows of the restaurant on 14th Street Northwest, where the largest protest crowd had gathered, were smashed, and plans to open the terraces were upended by protests and subsequent curfews.

It was one of the first restaurants in the suburbs to offer an affordable menu and a date night atmosphere. Since then, it has opened a groundbreaking food hall, and it's a place that makes 12pm reservations trendy.

This cosy cellar restaurant was one of the first to adopt a fine gastronomic approach, and there was plenty of Italian cuisine when it opened. The inn is a restaurant that Patrick O'Connell's early fans called "The Four Sisters."

Best RestaurantRecommends to focus on the food and the pride of the house on the work on display. This Adams Morgan Institution, run by the son of the founder of one of Washington's most successful restaurants, is a great example of what many Salvadorans did when they moved here and opened restaurants. It offers its cuisine alongside Mexican dishes, although the tacos would be more recognisable to consumers as dolls.

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