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Micky's Eats is a food and travel blog that I have been following since my first trip to Washington D.C. in 2009. Eating out is my passion, and I visit all the wonderful restaurants in the Washington, DC area. Blog Wong's O'Eats, which is often clocked with the climax of hours of research, as well as tremors my favorite restaurant reviews.

I have been following this blog since my first trip to Washington D.C. in 2009, when I traveled the globe and ate. The restaurant reviews on this blog reflect my journey and try to keep up with all the restaurants in the DC region where I live and the rest of the US.

The community-based HungryLobbyist.com was founded by a D.C. lobbyist who has a serious passion for food and an ever-growing team. Malik brings you the best that foodies in Washington, D.C. and the D.C. region can find in an entertaining, informative and informative way. Get the latest Washington DC food news, reviews, events, offers, discounts, and more from foodies in your area.

Finally, we found a nonprofit community that was already interested in D.C. and already had contact with its local pantries. This network of volunteers disseminates information about the work of the food system, such as a bi-weekly newsletter that lists the latest news, events, discounts and more from foodies around the world. Our working group has joined forces with the community's plates to build a network of places that had additional food, pantries that needed food, and volunteers who helped transport food.

The best thing about dining in D.C. is the variety of international cuisine that can be found in the city and its surrounding suburbs. Every day, people come to DC not only for the history, but also to enjoy the capital's rich gastronomy. Whether you're visiting a family from outside the capital or just looking for a cool and affordable place (remember that all monuments and many museums are free here), DC is nothing if not a tourist destination. It's worth exploring the less-traveled streets and not - in the heart of - D.C. restaurants.

Peruvian chicken is a sign of the international flavors that live in D.C., but it is also available at a variety of other places in the city.

Ethiopian cuisine has established itself in DC with a strong following among the locals, and with good reason. D.C. is also home to some of the most popular Ethiopian restaurants in the nation's capital, such as the Ethiopian Restaurant and Ethiopia Cafe. Ethiopian food, but it's also something you'll find everywhere, especially in places like the Washington, DC Public Library.

Eden Center in Falls Church, Virginia, is all about a roast watercress salad and a variety of other dishes from the Ethiopian restaurant and cafe.

Maketto's dim sum service is a solid candidate for Eater's Essential Brunch, and the source always has been. Komi's, which regularly features on our annual list of Most Eat Restaurants, has proven to be one of the most popular brunch spots in Washington, DC, and consistently features in the top 10 on the list.

In almost every part of the city you will find high quality traditional Ethiopian restaurants, and you should definitely try at least one. If you're in DC, be sure to visit Korean tacos like those found in the convention center.

For more information on the closure of COVID 19, please click here. If you want to be a food rescuer for the D.C. food community, please sign up for the DC Food Rescuers campaign. Contact DC Site Director Kate Urbank to register or contact her at kate @ foodrescue.org for more information. Those of you who would like to take the opportunity to support the campaign for a new DC rescue center in Maryland or Virginia, visit our campaign page.

The D.C. Food Tank Summit is just around the corner and we are excited to meet with members of the D, C area. In preparation for the upcoming summit, Food Tank will present 32 food and agricultural organizations that are helping to build a better food system in Washington. We look forward to meeting the leaders of these affiliates, as well as other food and agricultural organizations from around the country and around the world. D and C. Based in Alexandria, VA, the nonprofit promotes the health and wellness of its members through a multi-layered operation.

DC Greens promotes food justice by working with local farmers, farmers markets, food stocks and other community organizations. Founded as an initiative of the Food Research and Action Center, D.C. Hunger Solutions aims to eliminate hunger in the nation's capital. Founded in 2012 as a subsidiary of the National Center for Food and Agricultural Research (NCAR), DCFPC is committed to promoting a healthier, more sustainable, and fairer food system in Washington, DC.

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