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The National Cherry Blossom Festival, which takes place this year from 20 March to 12 April, offers a lot of fun and enriching activities every few weeks. Sakura Sunday at National Harbor is one of the most popular events in Washington, D.C., but there are more blooms - inspired events that are not part of official celebrations.

Japanese-related books will be on display, and a special highlight of the day will be a program inspired by the annual Cherry Blossom Festival on the Potomac. This year, a variety of activities will be offered, including a river walk and other unique programs that involve families in the river and its history and ecology.

Tiny seeds by Eric Carle are read aloud, and the crown jewel is Renoir's Luncheon Boating Party. American Origins 1600 - 1900 "provides a historical overview of America from the perspective of its presidents, including renderings. Among the highlights of the online collection, which has nearly 1,000 items, is a dress by Rosa Parks, the first African-American woman to serve as chief of an Army Nursing Corps. You will also find a collection of paintings by artists such as Henri Cartier - Bresson, Jean - Paul Sartre, Paul Gauguin and others. Look at a selection of works by artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Claude Monet, Michelangelo and many others, but the crowning jewel of all are his "Renoir Luncheon" and his "boat parties."

Enjoy joy joy and discovery, go on an art scavenger hunt during the exhibition, make cherry blossoms, enjoy face painting and visit an exhibition.

Japanese bookmakers, hear taiko drums, try Japanese bookmakers and join Hirhhorn, as they say, then join the Dragon Festival right outside on the National Mall. Join us at the Wharf where we celebrate cherry blossoms with live music, food, crafts and a kitesurfing competition.

Fans can also browse through their online spy tool collection, which includes cameras hidden in watches and fountain pens. The museum offers a school to introduce children to the history of espionage, from the early days of the CIA to today's agencies. Watch a live performance by the Washington D.C. Symphony Orchestra and a performance of "The Sound of Music" by John Cage and the national anthem.

Dancers who want to improve their skills can simplify teaching by faculty at the Washington School of Ballet. Other activities include decorative Konobori coloring and a dance performance by the D.C. Symphony Orchestra.

Shopping at the market, taking part in a free yoga class, taking a photo at a selfie station, enjoying a pop-up beer garden and wine terrace, capturing live entertainment and art exhibitions, doing children's activities or capturing some live entertainment and art exhibitions. Julekha Dash is a Maryland-based writer who focuses on food, travel and design, focusing on the best places to eat, drink and entertain in Washington. D.C. Recommendation List brings you the latest news, reviews, offers, events, discounts and more. Sign up for our daily DC email here and be the first to get all the food and drink in town. Washington editors have selected the top 10 restaurants, bars, hotels, restaurants and bars in the city.

The site also includes several Christmas specials, including last year's Jazz Jam at Christmas, as well as premium content featuring Grammys - award-winning artists and artists from around the world, including D.C. "s David Bowie This legendary multipurpose art space shows videos of all genres, and the aspect of the competition is also part of the event. Experts and kite fans will delight the crowd with cool stunts and prizes will be awarded. Virtual and live discussions between scientists and activists will take place at Butterfly Sessions 2021.

This event celebrates the National Cherry Blossom Festival and will include Cherry Blossom Activations at the Washington, D.C., United States Capitol and U.S. Capitol.

The Muse, based in Fairfax, offers paint sets that can be ordered online, and currently can be found at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Since the National Cherry Blossom Festival begins around the same time, many boathouses will be open to offer canoes, kayaks and other rental services that will take you to the blooming cherry trees, so plan to arrive early to have a good view. Although it is a beautiful spring day, crowds will be coming in droves and you have to be prepared for an early arrival to enjoy the best views.

The museum's galleries include the second exhibition "Civil War, Antebellum and American Impressionism," which includes exhibits on the Civil War and American Impressionism of the Second World War. On the third floor, the 20th Century Americans gallery houses portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Muhammad Ali, as well as a collection of works by artists such as Robert Rauschenberg.

On the west side of the building, you should not miss the special surprise that adorns the back: the art treasure of modernity. Located on the second floor, just steps from the main entrance of the museum, it is a separate collection of works that hang in different groups to talk to each other, and it is located right next to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History and Science.

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